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Floor and Wall Tiling

Tiles are hard-wearing thin plates that are used for covering walls, floors, roofs, countertops, etc in a building. They can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials such as ceramics, wood, natural stones, baked clays, glass, etc.

Plastering Services

Plastering is defined as the process of protecting walls and ceilings from deterioration with the use of plasters. Plastering walls is done to help prepare the surface of walls before painting and it gives surfaces a smooth finish. 

Structural Steel Erection

We are construction workers specializing in working with steel. We work on projects of all sizes, from office developments, warehouses, and industrial units to multi-story residential apartments or car parks, sports stadiums, and bridges.

Floor and Wall Tiling

In both residential & commercial spaces, the wall tiles play an important role. In residential spaces generally, various other applications apart from bathroom and kitchen walls like TV back walls, dining area highlighter wall, or passage wall where one hangs photo frames, awards & certificates can be worked on.

Plastering Services

You need beautiful workmanship when it comes to choosing a plasterer and at Raising Star Traders we have the professionals who will make your walls and ceilings as smooth as silk. Plaster skimming onto plasterboard or hardboard is the standard method of providing a smooth, seamless surface ready to take on your final decorative treatment.

Structural Steel Erection

Our job involves rigorous, dangerous work. Our work is physically demanding, and it’s often conducted outside. We work at great heights as well. But we follow proper safety protocols, and we won’t work at great heights if there are extremely wet, icy, or windy conditions. We wear additional safety devices like harnesses and install and use hardware for safety measures, such as decking, netting, or handrails.

Plastering Services

Plaster skimming onto plasterboard or hardboard is the standard method of providing a smooth, seamless surface ready to take on your final decorative treatment. Skim plastering gives many of the advantages of a traditional ‘old-fashioned’ solid plaster finish except that there is a much quicker turnaround, and in many cases, it will not require all the old plaster to be removed. Preparation for skimming includes removing any loose plasterwork, plus any joint reinforcement if necessary. The plaster is then applied to the wall or ceiling surface to a minimum thickness of 2mm.

  • Plastering
  • Skimming
  • Plasterboarding
  • Dry lining
  • Stud walls
  • Artex removal
  • Coving
  • Cement plastering for masonry work
  • Damp Proofing

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Raising Star Traders offers a wide range of ceramic floor tiles, polished vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles & Satin Finish Tiles for all living spaces. These tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. Soft in appearance and smooth to touch, this is one of the most sought-after tile choices for kitchens and bathrooms. Our HD polished tiles are ideal to give a luxurious look and add a contemporary style to spaces. If you are looking for your space to look illuminated and create an illusion of extra space, white floor tiles are a perfect choice.

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Providing the Highest Quality Steel Erecting Services In the Area

Steel erection is all about the safe and efficient movement of iron and disciplined detailing all the while engineering safety into those activities. It leads the way when it comes to efficient, creative options for erecting your project because we pride ourselves on being “builders”, meaning that we plan and design with constructability as the top priority. There is a direct parallel between the complexity of a project and the level of innovation required for a successful build. Safety is embedded in our culture. In addition to having dedicated Safety professionals on nearly all of our projects. We don’t breathe the word production without safety being an equal part of the conversation. Not a single aspect of it has ever been sacrificed for production. 

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